M1 Thai Boxing / MMA / Fitness Gym

M1 offers men and women group fitness classes, teens and kids Muay Thai & MMA, personal training, kettle bell classes, strength & conditioning and private group sessions. Drop by, get 3 free trial classes and take a tour of our fitness studio. Get ready for Spring and Summer with 15 % off 3 months, 6 months and 1 year memberships.  Limited time offer!

About M1

Since 2006, Alex Ricci and Dennis Carelli, shared a vision of delivering the highest levels of Muay Thai instruction to people of all skill levels while offering inspirational fitness classes that elevate health and wellness for men, women and youth.

Their vision established one of York Region’s most respected martial arts and fitness solutions, the M1 Thai Boxing System.

It’s All In The Name

Our name unites the discipline of martial arts, the charm of tradition and the strength of diversity and community. It represents who we are.

“M”: Represents “Muay Thai”, also known as Thai Boxing, which originated in ancient Thailand and remains the country’s national sport, favorite pastime and a true celebration of discipline.

“1”: Represents “first” techniques which are based in tradition and have been proven superior over decades of competition.

Thai Boxing System

Represents a ‘Diverse System’ of inspirational classes that appeal to almost anyone’s personal fitness or competitive goals:
  • Newcomers can enjoy fun, entry level Muay Thai classes
  • Experienced students can attend challenging intermediate classes
  • Fighters have many advanced sparring sessions to train in
  • Those seeking a healthy lifestyle can join M1 fitness classes that promise exceptional fitness in fun, motivational classes that welcome all fitness levels.

To Learn more about classes and schedules click here.

As part of our multi-faceted design, M1 often invites former trainers, fighters and colleagues to teach and contribute to the system. When you join M1, you’ll experience the professionalism, companionship, family values, and absence of egos that built the M1 community and that is responsible for its extremely high customer retention.

M1 provides an environment members love to workout in and we are certain that, whatever your goals, you will love M1 as much as we do. It is the ideal place to learn, make friends and get a full body workout like no other.

Fundamentals Program

We are currently running a beginners only Muay Thai program, which teaches the basic techniques while incorporating a vigorous workout of strength and conditioning exercises. Class times are every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00pm.-6:00pm. Only $275. for 3 months!